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M/s. Banganga Paper Mills Limited, incorporated on the 17th of October 2013, has its registered office & Factory Gat No. 186, Gawalwadi Road, At Post: Ramshej (Ashewadi), Tal. Dindori, Dist. Nasik The main object of the firm is to carry on the business as the manufacturers, importers, exporters, processors, distributors, stock commission agents, traders, converters and marketing of all types of paper board and pulp products like writing paper, printing paper, newspaper, tissue paper, filter paper, coated and laminated paper, handmade paper, cartridge paper, cloth lined paper, grease proof paper, bond paper, etc. Board products include cardboard, fibreboard, glazed board, leather board, corrugated board, post cards, etc. Pulp products include soda, mechanical pulp, sulphite pulp and stationary items like notebooks, registers, etc.
The firm has its unit spread over an area of more than 10,000 Sq Mtrs. approx. at Ramshej (Ashewadi) and has an installed production capacity of above 100 Metric Tonnes per day. Further, the firm has well experienced technical team which has designed the plant in such a manner that 90-95% of the water and chemicals are reused, due to which the fresh water consumption is minimum, which is added due to evaporation. The water, which is drained at various stages of the manufacturing process, is lifted into the backwater tank, whereon it is fed to dump chest for recycling and none of the chemicals used in the process are hazardous to health.
The production process is carried out for 24 hours a day and for pulp a half a day production is maintained in storage tank all the time, so that there is an uninterrupted production round the clock. The firm is running the unit round the cycle for 6 days continuously in a week, with a break on Saturdays for maintenance of machinery.
The firm is successfully carrying out its commercial operation from past two year and is expecting a good growth and market for its products in coming years.

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Mr. Chetan Karbhari Dhatrak

Mr. Chetan Karbhari Dhatrak, a 39-year-old partner, holds a Master’s degree in Computer Applications (M.C.A). With a background as a software engineer, he has amassed 2 years of experience in the IT sector. Presently, he boasts 13 years of expertise across various domains, including operations, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, and accounting activities within the company.

Mrs. Jayashree Karbhari Dhatrak

Mrs. Jayashree Karbhari Dhatrak, the other partner in the firm, is 54 years old and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. With a solid background in administration, she efficiently manages the company’s HR department, drawing from her extensive experience.

Mr. Karbhari Pandurang Dhatrak

Mr. Karbhari Dhatrak, aged 62 and a partner, brings a wealth of experience to the firm. He was previously employed as a deputy engineer in the Irrigation Department of the Government of Maharashtra. He joined the firm as a partner on October 9, 2018. With a background as a qualified civil engineer, Mr. Karbhari Dhatrak possesses extensive expertise in managing, supervising, exports, PEB structures, and overall business administration. His role primarily revolves around overseeing the production activities of the company.

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The company operates based on core values that encompass honesty, integrity, teamwork, individual contributions, and customer satisfaction.

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